by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

Before you get your commercial landscaping underway, laying new mulch on top of old, pruning dead branches off of trees, pulling weeds and buying the same plants you did the year before, think twice. It might be time to enlist the help of a commercial landscape company to give your landscaping a spring tune up.

The look of your commercial landscape design should fit your company and be functional. If it doesn’t feel that way now, check out our top 4 reasons you should break from the same design this year and start fresh!

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Is your business or brand being conveyed in your landscaping? Use your business to speak your brands message: quiet, reflective, sustainable, loud, fun or soothing. Adding a zen place to meditate or a water fountain can provide a relaxing environment for visitors or staff. 
  2. Provide/Remove Seating: If you want to encourage people to spend more time on your property, add seating. If lingering or loitering hurt your business, remove seating and areas for people to enjoy the outdoors. You can use landscaping design to customize how you want your visitors to interact with your property. 
  3. Direct Visitors: From the parking lot to the front entrance, lead your visitors every step of the way. Have you ever been to a building and not quite known where to enter? Don’t leave your visitors in this situation, guide them with a well lit walkway, direct sight line, and visual elements highlighting entrances.
  4. Add Color/Texture: These elements help to create drama and draw the eye right from the road. Consider adding lighting around the entrance, tree or shrub lined walkways, brick or stone wall features and bright vibrant colors to your garden beds.

2017 is a year to start new with your commercial landscaping design. With over 30 years of experience helping business and property owners throughout northern New Jersey, we know that we can help you with your spring landscaping tune up! Check out our other commercial services while you’re browsing our site.