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Landscaping for Your Business

Attention to your commercial landscaping is an important part of your business image. Commercial properties that are well groomed and landscaped show your clients and employees that your business cares about quality. DeCarlo Landscaping understands how a commercial landscape should be maintained. We maintain New Jersey commercial landscaped properties with great attention to detail. Our commercial landscape teams are scheduled to continually maintain business landscapes throughout the year. DeCarlo Landscapes provides planting services, lawn cutting, parking lot sweeping, parking lot maintenance, and snow removal services. Considering a new vendor for your commercial landscaping? We have the manpower and equipment to handle your property all year long.

If you manage a commercial property in New Jersey that is in the need of; parking lot sweeping, asphalt repair, seal coating, landscape design or maintenance, or snow removal services, please contact DeCarlo Landscapes for a competitive project quote.

Spring is a great time to add architectural detail to your commercial landscape. Call or email DeCarlo Landscapes before April 2014, to check availability for commercial property maintenance and construction in New Jersey.

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Book Now for Landscaping Seasonal Contracts

Spring is right around the corner! It’s time to start thinking about bringing your New Jersey residential or commercial property back to life from a particularly harsh winter. Initial Spring Cleanup of your property starts in March and April. DeCarlo Landscapers in New Jersey will; cut, power rake and reseed your lawn, fertilize if necessary, perform weed control, cultivate planting beds, clean up edging on beds, walkways and driveways, weed beds, and spread fresh mulch. The best time to book your Spring Cleanup is now! The benefits of a Spring Cleanup will last all season. The weekly home maintenance package service for 2014 is as follows:

1. Cutting Lawn

2. Weeding Beds and Walks

3. Cultivating

4. Edging Beds & Walks

5. Cleaning & Blowing (Approx. 4-5 Services Per Month)

6. Fertilizing & Weed Control Every 60 Days = 4 times per year

7. Trim new shrub growth Every 90 Days = 2 times per year

8. Fall Cleanup

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Snow Removal Contracts are the Way To Go!

When it comes to snow removal, it’s best to be prepared! In New Jersey, the likelihood that you will need your driveway or parking lot plowed is high. So why not sign up for a DeCarlo Snow Removal contract before the winter months? Usually, after or during a storm it’s too late to find a snow plow in New Jersey. That’s why it’s always better to be first priority in a storm…when you are a DeCarlo snow removal client, we make sure that your driveway or parking lot is given the proper attention when a snow storm hits. Call or email our New Jersey Landscaping office to make sure your residential or commercial property is first priority in a snow storm. Taking care of your snow removal contract now will save you time and frustration in the future!

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Plowing a Paver Driveway

During the winter months, clients ask us all the time whether their paver driveways can be plowed. Yes, a paver driveway can definitely be plowed. It is sometimes best to use a plow with a rubber edge when plowing a paver driveway. Also, it is important to not use sharp shovels or ice scrapers to remove stubborn ice from paver driveways. Doing this could damage the pavers; instead, ice removal products that are safe for pavers should be applied. It is important to choose the right snow removal company to plow your paver driveway in New Jersey. DeCarlo snow removal teams take the care in marking your driveway to make sure that Belgium blocks on the borders aren’t damaged by the plow. DeCarlo believes in taking the right steps to make sure your driveway is plowed on time, in a safe manner, and safe. Let it snow!