by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

Living in the North East, the unpredictability of snowfall gives homeowners a high level of stress year after year. Many fear extreme amounts of snow and the ice removal that comes with cold temperatures and this area of the U.S. These types of issues can be a nightmare for a homeowner with no experience dealing with snow or without the right equipment to do so. We’re here to help you prepare for snow and ice with a few tips from our snow removal experts!

Tips for Snow & Ice Removal:

  • If a snowfall is expected to accumulate, consider using wooden or metal stakes to mark the outline of your driveway and walkway – this will help the plows find your pavement and stay off your lawn
  • Snow & Ice removal by hand is equivalent to a workout! Don’t risk your health, take breaks frequently, and ask for help if you need it.
  • Breaking up the task into shifts is helpful for particularly lengthy snowfalls. Its ok to go out while its still snowing and clear a few inches at a time, this will keep the weight of the snow down when you’re shoveling.
  • Use the proper equipment for the job. Ask your local hardware associate which snow shovel is the best for you. Pushers are great for large areas that need clearing, but you may need a small hand-held shovel for sidewalks and steps!

OK winter, New Jersians are ready for you! We hope you put these tips to good use, and if you need help, just ask! As a snow removal company servicing Commercial and Residential properties, we’ve got the equipment and the know how to remove your snow and ice quickly and properly. It’s ok to enjoy your morning cup of coffee while we do the work for you! Contact us today for a quote!