by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

It’s been said that delivering your product to correctly satisfy your client’s needs is what customer service is all about. We don’t see snow removal the same for every business. Some business parking lots have limited area to pile snow. Other properties need to be cleared from snow 24/7. Other properties are in high traffic areas or experience snow pushback from other plows on a highway. All these scenarios require different snow removal attention.

For example a mall needs more equipment and a staging area for snow pileup. This may be different for a small lot for a restaurant, where maximizing every space is of importance.

We attempt to understand your specific property needs and then correlate such with our snow removal processes. Is your business open on weekends? What are your normal business hours? Are there 24 hour active driveways or receiving docs that need to be cleared before anything else? Does snow need to be removed offsite?

Prior to each quote for snow removal services, we will take all these considerations into account to maximize our customer service, so we can match your snow removal needs with our capabilities.