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Winter 2017 Tips

Winter 2017 hasn’t brought much snow our way in Central New Jersey, you can probably still see much of your grass, your trees and your shrubs unless you have a light coat of snow. Many of our clients are calling us asking if its too early to plan for spring. The short answer is NO, its never to early! Read on for things that you can be working on now to prepare for Spring! Read more

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Should I hire a Landscape Company for Landscape Design?

Not all landscape companies can be considered ‘landscape designers’. Think of when you need an oil change on your car. You can get a quick oil change at a car wash ‘quick-lube place’…or you can go to your general mechanic, both vendors will change your oil. Would you get your car’s engine overhauled at the quick lube oil change place? The same can be true about your landscaping…anyone can cut your lawn but DESIGN is best done by a landscape designer.

Landscape companies like DeCarlo Landscapes have Landscape Designers on staff to turn your landscape vision into a detailed and functional design. Not all landscape designers are the same. Let’s say you know a great woodworker…but would you have him design your home? Involved landscape design projects should be done correct from the beginning. Landscape plans involve intrinsic plans and details which are needed for construction purposes.

If you are investing time, energy and money into your home or business landscaping, please make sure to have a professional landscape design completed.

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Commercial and Residential Landscaping

Planning the ideal landscape for the home or business is a task that many do-it-yourselfers attempt handle on their own. With a vision in your head and a rough estimate of what the area should look like, the task seems easy. Without taking into account the many aspects of landscape design, many are quick to action, and before you recognize it you could be in over your head.

Expertly trained and armed with years of experience, DeCarlo Landscaping designs and implements custom landscape designs for homes and commercial properties throughout New Jersey. When working with a professional in the field, there is nothing forgotten, or unaccounted for. You can be certain that your landscape will be completely evaluated, planned out and designed to your stipulations. There is no need for you to do the hard work when we can do it for you!


DeCarlo Landscaping’s professionals will meet with you at your home and find out what your interests and visions are for your home landscape. Then, they bring into account the architecture, the property size and shape, the family’s functional needs, zoning laws and care demands. When trying to design on your own, these things tend to be overlooked and future problems may arise due to inadequate planning, including things like flooding, landslides, improper planting of plants or permit problems.


Our expertise in commercial property design and landscaping will help your business look professional and stand out among the rest. Whether you’re looking for a complex design, or a low maintenance landscape, we fit all budgets and styles. We will design a perfect look for your business that creates an unforgettable first impression. No task is overly large or small, whether you’re looking for small plantings or large corporate parks, our professionals possess the knowledge and expertise to make your imagination come to life.