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What is the value of Commercial Landscaping?

These days, businesses have to make hard decisions depending on their bottom line. Their budget is what drives them to determine what projects, ideas or new programs can be integrated into their already existing business model, and hopefully, increase company profits. That’s why it’s not uncommon for business owners to decide NOT to invest in their landscaping and to save the money. What If we told you there is an added value of commercial landscaping? Read more

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30+ Years of Experience in Landscaping Design

For 30+ years, DeCarlo Landscaping Design has been one of the top choices for landscape design in New Jersey. Priding ourselves in our commitment to being and honest and family-owned company who give their clients exactly what they need at a fair price has always been our aim. With an owner who was driven to make his Bergen County based business a familiar name throughout the state when it comes to landscaping design, after this many years you can absolutely say our company has held onto its core value of providing design, installation and honest work. Read more

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Spring is in full bloom in New Jersey!

Get in your car and take a drive around the suburbs of northern New Jersey. Spring blossoms are around every corner, on every street capturing eyes from the roadway. Due to changes in weather patterns, some flowering trees are already starting to loose their bloom, but the abundant colors of the spring blossoms are breathtaking! Purple, pink, white and yellow are taking over the dullness winter has left behind. Read more

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Start Planning for Spring!

This coming week on March 20th spring will officially arrive! After the big storm this past week, we aren’t feeling very spring like, but this is March so it’s time to start planning for spring! There are, of course, more good freezes to come too and if you think back to last April we had a few freezing days then. But once spring officially hits, be on the lookout for new growth on any trees and shrubs to get you excited. Even now, you may see some perennial shoots popping up out of the snow!

We are already hard at work planning for summer annuals, creating beautiful, eye-catching designs for your properties, and itching to get to work on them. Our design team is already working on their new designs and projects and are excited to get to work on those that we’ve taken on during the winter to get a jump on. 

Give us a call today and set up an appointment with us to discuss your spring project ideas. Our team has been helping northern New Jersey design landscaping plantings, install new turf or sod, install paver patios, retaining walls or redesigning entire layouts for over 30 years. In a few months, the backyard is going to be your living room, plan now to make it a fun place for family and friends to gather!

We take the responsibility of your project very seriously and it is our privilege to build and maintain it for you. Our creative, highly trained and qualified team are waiting to make your dreams for your landscape your reality. You deserve the best and we’ve got it, call us today!


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Fall Design for your Commercial Property

The leaves are slowly changing color, and soon the bright colors of summer will be gone. Harvest colors like deep orange, red and purple will take over and soon autumn will be in full bloom. You may know how to design for your home around this time of year, but what about your business? It’s time to think about fall for your commercial property, so here are the top ideas that we have for bringing fall color to your property.

For deep color year ‘round, including fall and winter, rely on evergreens. Planting these on your commercial property will help to provide a beautiful backdrop to plants as well as against the pure white of snow.

Mums are in season and are not just for residential use! Mums, with their variety of colors, are great for containers as well as landscape beds. Pairing them with cabbages, kale or ornamental grasses give them that fun fall feeling.

Think outside the box and incorporate some seasonal design elements. Consider using cornstalks and pumpkins to give that last bit of fall feel around your commercial property. Cornstalks provide height that sometimes gets lost this time of year, and pumpkins paired with mums or cabbages give you a bright pop of color.

Keeping your commercial property rolling with the seasons keeps you relevant. Using a full palette of fall colors by combining fall plants, and decorative elements help you to keep that aesthetic appeal throughout every season. Need some help planning your fall design for your commercial property? We can help, contact us today!


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Child Friendly Backyard

When couples decide to grow their families, usually that means buying a home. With the home buying process being as stressful as it is, and the pressure of a new baby on the way there is an endless list of things to think about. An important thing many forget to do in their new home is to child proof the backyard.

In order to tackle the backyard, you need to take into account what your family’s needs will be. If you are planning for a large family, think swing set, pool, and tree houses. If your children are already older, you can think about adding things like fire pits and horseshoe pits that may present a hazard to younger children.

Once you have a good idea of what you need and want for your backyard, scan the yard for the already implemented areas and remove any hazards. Children need space to run and move freely, think open concept area. Look for plants that may be poisonous to children and pets, children tend to put anything in their mouth so don’t risk leaving a poisonous bush that produces beautiful berries.

Here are some ideas for kid friendly spaces:

  • Hidden sandbox or open sand area
  • Fencing around pool with lock
  • Removable or fold up ladder for pool
  • Tree House (with adult supervision)
  • Trampoline for older children (with adult supervision)
  • Keep lawn regularly mowed to reduce tick exposure
  • Remove prickly rose bushes and poison ivy from the area
  • Consider fire pits once children are old enough
  • Vegetable garden for introducing children to nature

You’d do anything to protect your children in and around the home. Taking the time out to make your backyard childproof and child-friendly will let you rest easy and enjoy your backyard with your family. Call us today and we will help you to create a child proof backyard that everyone can enjoy.

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Retaining Walls: Top Ten Things to Know!

Retaining walls can become a big investment of time, money and labor. However, they could be just the thing that your property needs to function better, look better aesthetically and to be safer for your family. Here are the top ten things you should know when planning to install a retaining wall.

  1. Don’t just look at function. If your property NEEDS a retaining wall due to a slope or grade, don’t think of a retaining wall as only what it is. Retaining walls can be incorporated into your lifestyle by designing your outdoor living space around the area.
  2. Be Creative! There are so many options for design when it comes to retaining walls, think about designing something with a curve instead of a straight line to add more character to your landscaping design.
  3. Size Matters. If you are working on a particularly large retaining wall, don’t hesitate to ask for help. A professional company with experience in retaining walls can help with their knowledge of structure and experience in design when you get into a larger job.
  4. Terrace for sloping. Sloping properties can benefit from terracing, or gradual stepping up of the retaining wall.
  5. Materials are important. There are many different natural stones, manufactured stones, blocks and other materials that you can use for retaining walls. Do some research in the material you will choose, each material may change your budget, timeframe, labor cost etc.
  6. Retaining walls need a solid base, it is important to start a few inches below your current level in order to prepare a good base of the wall.
  7. Drainage is important. You may need to add additional drainage depending on the wall you choose to add. Using gravel or fabric covered drainage pipes can help prevent clogging.
  8. Use a Level. Don’t eye it! Using a level will keep the structure steady and balanced as well as provide a pleasing look to the eye.
  9. Backfill for support. Backfilling will add support which is important when you are putting in a new structure.
  10. Keep the design clean. Use cap blocks to top off the retaining wall to provide a nice, clean, finished look on the top.

Some projects are just too much for the average Joe, and that’s ok! Retaining walls can be better left to professionals with knowledge and experience in installation. Due to the cost and labor, intensive work that installing a retaining wall can be, we recommend that homeowners and commercial property owners alike leave it to the experts. Visit our wall construction & step gallery to view some of our work!

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Mulch, Stone, and Flowers

Commercial landscaping design is important for that first impression on your clients, customers, and tenants. Arriving at your property and perceiving a welcoming perception can go a long way. There are many ways that we at DeCarlo Landscaping Design work with our clients to maximize the potential of a positive first impression and believe it or not one of these ways goes right down to the products that we use such as mulch, stone, and flowers.

Mulch is a useful material that is used for a variety of reasons:

  • Retain the moisture in the soil
  • Prevent/Suppress weed growth
  • Control temperature of soil
  • Provide aesthetic appeal

We use different types or colors of mulch depending on what our clients want for their properties. Some of the most popular types of mulch are red, black and natural cedar. Each different type can give a completely different aesthetic appeal.

Stone is used for a variety of reasons as well:

  • Around pavers
  • Walkways/driveways
  • Aesthetic Appeal

Stone is a great way to give your landscaping design a unique look. Due to the different colors and textures, stone helps to be a statement as well as a useful product. The typical stones that we use are crushed landscaping stone, Maryland shore small and mountain red.

Flowers are the cherry on the cake in landscaping design. Flowers help to provide a beautiful colored landscape which is immediately visibly pleasing to a visitor. Begonias, flowering vincas, inpatients, marigolds, and petunia flowers are just some of the flowers that we like to work with due to their beautiful color.

DeCarlo Landscaping Design provides expert and experienced advice for each client depending on their needs and budget to determine which products we use. Contact us today to discuss your options for your commercial landscaping needs.

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Hardscaping: Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are a great way to provide an affordable hardscape to your landscaping design. Options using pavers range from patios, paths, outdoor kitchens and more!

Concrete pavers are like large tiles; they can be made to look like different materials such as brick or stone. There are so many different design options that your project is sure to stand out among any other. Pavers can be used for driveways, where we use more of an interlocking paver, or for walkways.

Benefits of Pavers:

One of the benefits of concrete pavers vs. poured concrete is that by using small squares or tiles, we can reduce the risk of cracking. Any shifting soil, tree roots or freeze thaw cycle can put cracks in large slabs of concrete. When any of these issues arise and you’ve used the pavers, the most that usually happens is shifting!

Another benefit is to help eliminate runoff. Using pavers, you create a space in between that allows water to run off in different directions. When rainwater runs off of a slab of concrete, you are prone to puddling around the perimeter of the slab.

Lastly, but most importantly, is the visual benefit of a concrete paver. As we’ve stated, using these types of tiles can help you to get more of a variety from your design. From the look of the paver, to the design of the layout, pavers can help you have a completely customized walkway, patio, or outdoor space! Many different materials can be used to fill in between pavers as well, such as stone, dirt or sod.

Options are the key with any landscaping design, concrete pavers help to give many options to any homeowner. To see some of the work we’ve done with concrete pavers, visit our page on Hardscapes and Patios.



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Gardening Tips For Spring

Gardening Tips for Spring

Spring is here and it is time to put those green thumbs to work! Here are our top 5 spring tips that every gardener needs to put into action!

  1. Prune – This is a great time for you to prune! Early spring is when we suggest pruning your dormant plants such as roses, ornamental grasses and evergreen shrubs.
  2. Mulch – If you’re planning on using certain types of mulch, this is the time to do it. Remove all leaves and debris in the area where you’d like to mulch. This will help the mulch to do its job insulating root systems, retaining moisture and controlling weeds. Generally, we suggest a good coating of around 3 inches for the mulch.
  3. Fertilize – You can fertilize trees and shrubs with slow release fertilizer this time of year. Be sure to read directions properly and only apply what is recommended. Ruining your beautiful trees due to over fertilization is a costly mistake.
  4. Plant – Wait until after the last freeze and plant new trees and shrubs so that they get a full season of growth ahead.
  5. Prepare – Get your mower serviced and all garden tools sharpened and oiled. This will make sure that your tools are prepared and working at their optimal ability all season.

Missed out on the green thumb, or too busy to get to these tasks? You may be in need of our residential landscape maintenance services. DeCarlo Landscaping & Design helps to maintain many residential landscapes throughout the New Jersey area. We work hard to continually reseed, resod and replant as needed throughout the season to ensure your landscaping is always looking its best! Visit our page on landscape design to find out more about our landscaping maintenance service.