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2018 Commercial Landscape Design Trends

Spring 2018 is just the beginning of the landscaping design season for many in the Northern New Jersey area. As winter hung out a little longer than expected, many are just getting to their spring clean up on their commercial property as we approach the beginning of May. So, what commercial landscaping design trends can you look to for inspiration for your property? Read more

by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

Start Planning for Spring!

This coming week on March 20th spring will officially arrive! After the big storm this past week, we aren’t feeling very spring like, but this is March so it’s time to start planning for spring! There are, of course, more good freezes to come too and if you think back to last April we had a few freezing days then. But once spring officially hits, be on the lookout for new growth on any trees and shrubs to get you excited. Even now, you may see some perennial shoots popping up out of the snow!

We are already hard at work planning for summer annuals, creating beautiful, eye-catching designs for your properties, and itching to get to work on them. Our design team is already working on their new designs and projects and are excited to get to work on those that we’ve taken on during the winter to get a jump on. 

Give us a call today and set up an appointment with us to discuss your spring project ideas. Our team has been helping northern New Jersey design landscaping plantings, install new turf or sod, install paver patios, retaining walls or redesigning entire layouts for over 30 years. In a few months, the backyard is going to be your living room, plan now to make it a fun place for family and friends to gather!

We take the responsibility of your project very seriously and it is our privilege to build and maintain it for you. Our creative, highly trained and qualified team are waiting to make your dreams for your landscape your reality. You deserve the best and we’ve got it, call us today!


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by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

July Landscaping Tips

The heat we’ve been experiencing in the New York/New Jersey area is not going to let up any time soon. When it comes to your landscaping in July, it’s all about beating the heat and keeping your lawn and plants healthy. This can be hard to do especially when there is a drought or water-use restriction such as the one recently placed in Rockland County as of 07/21/2016. Read more here.

Below are our tips on beating the heat and keeping your landscape happy and healthy.

  1. Time to fertilize. Be sure to check the label and instructions for the fertilizer you choose for your lawn. Using a fertilizer high in potassium can help the roots of the turf stay strong and reduce their chances of dying off in extreme temperatures. If you’re not sure which fertilizer to use, ask a professional for advice.
  2. Warmer weather tends to bring about certain pests and disease. Pests such as cinch bugs love dry turf. Lace bugs also love to eat up azaleas and other ornamental plants this time of year. Fungus can also be a problem in this type of weather, and spreads easily. It’s important to get a handle on pests or fungus quickly, take a walk through your yard and identify any areas that are questionable. If you find a particular area that seems damaged or diseased, talk to your landscaping professional about what to do next.
  3. Regular mowing, watering, pruning and debris clearing are required to keep your lawn and landscaping happy and healthy year round. Sticking to a regular schedule for these maintenance tasks will help to keep pests away and help you to identify a problem right away.

Be sure to keep an eye on your landscaping and lawn in this hot heat. If there are water restrictions where you live, please abide by the restriction. For questions or inquiries on the services we provide, please contact us using our easy to use contact form.

by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

Adding a water feature to your property

Water features are a great way to add some interest and create a focal point in any property. Commercial and residential properties alike can benefit from the tranquility and beauty that a water feature can provide.

Maintenance free water features such as pondless waterfalls are taking the landscaping design world by storm, and we at DeCarlo Landscaping are right on point with the trend. We have been suggesting water features in our landscaping design process for years. Whether in a commercial courtyard for employees to decompress and visitors to enjoy while waiting. Or, in a residential backyard to create a place for a family to unwind at the end of the day, water is a great feature to add.

Some of our favorite water features are:

  • Waterfalls
  • Koi Ponds
  • Reflecting Ponds
  • Fountains

If you’ve been looking for just the right eye-catching focal point for your property, you must try a water feature. With its natural component, it fits seamlessly with your landscaping design no matter what it is. Unsure as to which water feature works right with your landscaping? Ask the experts at DeCarlo Landscaping, we can help you to determine which feature will fit perfectly on your property.

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Mulch, Stone, and Flowers

Commercial landscaping design is important for that first impression on your clients, customers, and tenants. Arriving at your property and perceiving a welcoming perception can go a long way. There are many ways that we at DeCarlo Landscaping Design work with our clients to maximize the potential of a positive first impression and believe it or not one of these ways goes right down to the products that we use such as mulch, stone, and flowers.

Mulch is a useful material that is used for a variety of reasons:

  • Retain the moisture in the soil
  • Prevent/Suppress weed growth
  • Control temperature of soil
  • Provide aesthetic appeal

We use different types or colors of mulch depending on what our clients want for their properties. Some of the most popular types of mulch are red, black and natural cedar. Each different type can give a completely different aesthetic appeal.

Stone is used for a variety of reasons as well:

  • Around pavers
  • Walkways/driveways
  • Aesthetic Appeal

Stone is a great way to give your landscaping design a unique look. Due to the different colors and textures, stone helps to be a statement as well as a useful product. The typical stones that we use are crushed landscaping stone, Maryland shore small and mountain red.

Flowers are the cherry on the cake in landscaping design. Flowers help to provide a beautiful colored landscape which is immediately visibly pleasing to a visitor. Begonias, flowering vincas, inpatients, marigolds, and petunia flowers are just some of the flowers that we like to work with due to their beautiful color.

DeCarlo Landscaping Design provides expert and experienced advice for each client depending on their needs and budget to determine which products we use. Contact us today to discuss your options for your commercial landscaping needs.

by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

Get ready for spring!

Happy New Year! The new year is the perfect time for planning, setting goals, creating project plans and thinking ahead. With the lack of winter weather, we’ve been experiencing here in New Jersey, it’s easy to look forward to spring with high hopes. Here are our top tips for wrapping up winter and preparing to look ahead to spring.

  1. Recycle Holiday Decorations – Did you know that you can reuse your holiday items? Use ashes from the fireplace to fertilize alkaline loving plants. Use your old Christmas tree, wreathes and pinecones for mulch, decorations outdoors or for birds to use as a home for the winter.
  2. Think ahead – What are your goals for this year? Are you planning on installing a new pool, revamping your landscaping, installing a water feature in your garden? Explore all of the possibilities and write them all down for review.
  3. Set a budget – This is where a lot of our clients get hung up. Set yourself an affordable budget. Any reliable landscaping service such as DeCarlo Landscaping Design can work with any budget large or small, and still make your yard beautiful.
  4. Hire a professional – Involving a professional landscaping company in your planning is probably one of the best things you can do ahead of time. Working with a professional who knows what plants thrive in your area, have experience with landscaping design, and take pride in customer satisfaction is a must.

If you’re ready to start off your new year right, then get planning! Once you’ve set a budget and have an idea in mind for what you would like for your landscape design, contact the experts here at DeCarlo Landscaping, we’d love to make you our next satisfied customer.