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Attract Attention with DeCarlo Landscaping Design

It’s been a beautiful week to take a drive around Northern New Jersey. With all of the spring flowers and shrubs in bloom, you can’t help but notice places you’ve never taken note of. It seems as though this time of year, the bright colors and vibrancy of spring can make us realize a business has been in our own backyard and we had no idea. That’s what DeCarlo Landscaping Design can do for you. Read more

by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

Summer watering tips

When it doesn’t rain enough, or New jersey is experiencing a drought, many residents are left wondering how to keep their lawn and garden lush and beautiful. Here are our tips for giving your lawn and giving your garden plenty of water at the right time.

  1. Deep Soak: Water needs to get to the root of the plants which can go deep, deep down into the soil. This means that just sprinkling the hose back and forth over your garden bed isn’t going to do the job. A great tip is to bury an empty tin can in the garden and don’t stop watering until the can is full. Deep soak your garden three times a week during the really hot dry weather.
  2. Watch for Wilt: There is always one plant that starts to wilt first in the garden, it will be easy to spot. Use this plant as your signal plant and watch it weekly for signs of wilting. If you see wilting, then it’s time to water before the rest follow suit.
  3. Water early: The best time to water your plants and flowers is early before the sun comes up. This way, the plants will dry and not become susceptible to disease or burn out when the sun starts to beat down.
  4. Use Mulch: Mulch is helpful for aesthetics and keeping weeds out, but it is also is helpful for watering. When you have a nice layer of mulch, it will help to cool roots and hold moisture in the soil.

Plants, like humans, need water to survive. Use these tips to help nourish your lawn and garden through the hot dry New Jersey summer.

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Adding a water feature to your property

Water features are a great way to add some interest and create a focal point in any property. Commercial and residential properties alike can benefit from the tranquility and beauty that a water feature can provide.

Maintenance free water features such as pondless waterfalls are taking the landscaping design world by storm, and we at DeCarlo Landscaping are right on point with the trend. We have been suggesting water features in our landscaping design process for years. Whether in a commercial courtyard for employees to decompress and visitors to enjoy while waiting. Or, in a residential backyard to create a place for a family to unwind at the end of the day, water is a great feature to add.

Some of our favorite water features are:

  • Waterfalls
  • Koi Ponds
  • Reflecting Ponds
  • Fountains

If you’ve been looking for just the right eye-catching focal point for your property, you must try a water feature. With its natural component, it fits seamlessly with your landscaping design no matter what it is. Unsure as to which water feature works right with your landscaping? Ask the experts at DeCarlo Landscaping, we can help you to determine which feature will fit perfectly on your property.

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Summer in New Jersey

New Jersey knows summer; pools, patios and back yard bbq’s are everyday parts of our lives. While many make the drive down the shore to bask in the sun and take a dip in the water, others use their own back yards to enjoy summer. The beautiful properties in Toms River, Belmar, Brick, and Manasquan have backyard areas that are perfect for this time of year and sometimes even rival the shore!

We specialize in making these backyards the best place for homeowners to spend their summer days. One of our favorite products to use in the design of these backyards and pool areas are Travertine pavers. The porous surface of this type of paver is perfect for pool areas, as it tends to see less water pooling than other materials.

The many colors and grades that this attractive stone is available in, helps us to design something that goes with your style no matter what it is. With all of the choices available, we can create a fun or eye-catching design in the patio area.

Travertine is one of our favorite pavers to use because it’s affordable for almost any budget and it is inexpensive to fix. We install Travertine Paver patios, pool decks, and walkways throughout New Jersey. Whether you’re down the shore or want your backyard to feel like the shore, we can make it happen with beautiful, affordable and durable Travertine Pavers.

Check out our gallery to see some of the work we’ve done in the past. We bet you’ll be inspired to call us and design your own backyard oasis!

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Our new look!

Have you seen our new look? Customer experience is of utmost importance at DeCarlo Landscapes. That’s why we’ve taken the time to redesign our website in order to provide better satisfaction to you on the web. On our new, reorganized website you will find updated content, features cleaner design and allows for easier navigation.

From our home page, you can easily access our commercial and residential services, visit our blog, or get a quote. Our commercial and residential services are all clearly organized as well giving you the full range of services that we provide our customers all in one spot.

Our newly organized gallery allows you to see the work we’ve done on previous projects and should help you to get an idea of the quality of work that we take pride in. Of particular interest to most of our websites visitors is our before and after photo gallery. Here you can get a better look at the transformations that DeCarlo Landscapes have provided for our customers.

If you are looking for information on commercial or residential services, you shouldn’t have to waste time navigating through an outdated website. Searching for what services are provided or what areas are covered and finding contact information should happen with just one click. We believe we have made this happen.

Overall we feel that our updated website allows our users more flexibility and ease of use. Our navigation bar has been optimized for your search needs and you won’t have to go searching around for any hidden information.

Ready to see our new site? Click here!

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Commercial Landscaping Services

Property managers and business owners alike know the demands of tenants and consumers when dealing with your landscaping. There are many different ideas, complaints and suggestions that are thrown at property managers in regards to what changes can be made to the landscaping. Whether its overgrown plants and trees blocking views or issues with walkways due to overgrown tree roots there is forever something to take charge of.

There are also safety concerns on the mind of property managers related to tenants, visitors and pedestrians being able to adequately move about the property without risk of falling or tripping. With all of the other important concerns of a property manager, landscaping should be one of the last! DeCarlo Landscaping Design provides commercial office landscaping and retail landscaping throughout New Jersey. With our comprehensive lawn care management, our clients no longer find the problems above to be on their minds.

Our commercial landscaping services take care of all of the potential troubles before they become complaints from your tenants and consumers. This way our clients can get back to the business that they need to be focusing their attention to. Interested in commercial landscape maintenance? We are the right company for you. We not only offer detailed landscaping design, installation and management, but we also offer a complete landscape maintenance service to make your outdoor environment looking great throughout the year.

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In a previous blog on the topic of winter landscaping, we mentioned including evergreens in your landscape design. There are many reasons that we suggest evergreens when designing a landscape for a client, here are a few.

  • Versatility – Evergreens come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are available in any size from a small shrub to a large tree. They can be planted in containers to adorn the front entrance, added to a flower bed for height or positioned around the perimeter of your property for privacy.
  • Color – Because they hold their green beauty year round, this allows for use during every season. In the winter, the evergreen can be a beautiful pop of color against a white background. Their trimmings can be used to create a dramatic wreath for your front door, or for a little touch of greenery in your window boxes.
  • Low Maintenance – These types of plants require minimal maintenance; this is one of the reasons they are so popular! There is minimal watering needed, and generally these trees survive all weather conditions. This is perfect for those who don’t have a green thumb!
  • Affordable – These trees and shrubs are affordable, which makes them great for any budget. Because they are so easy to install and maintain, they are the perfect choice for someone on a budget that still wants to beautify their property.
  • Many Varieties – there are many different styles that a homeowner has when it comes to their home. From traditional to contemporary, there is an evergreen for you. For those who prefer a more sculpted look, there are dwarf landscaping plants. For those who prefer something a little shaggy and full, consider a larger tree.

Evergreens truly are the one size fits all of landscaping ideas. With their versatility, affordability and yearlong color, you can’t go wrong. If you’re looking for more information on the types of evergreens, visit the USDA’s website here. The experts here at DeCarlo Landscaping Design have the knowledge and experience to help you to choose what variety would work best in your landscape.

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Gearing up for Winter Landscaping

In snowy areas such as New Jersey, gardeners and fans of the outdoors dread the winter months where they aren’t able to make their gardens look as beautiful as they’d wish. Nevertheless, utilizing careful planning throughout the other seasons of the year, can set you up for a beautiful winter landscape that gives you yearlong pride in your yard. DeCarlo Landscaping’s tips below should help you get an easy start on preparing your yard this season.

  • Berries – There are many shrubs, trees and bushes out there that produce berries during the autumn and winter months. A pop of color from a bright red holly against the blank backdrop of snow actually makes for a beautiful view.
  • Tree Bark – Utilizing trees throughout your landscape which have different bark textures can give the eye something interesting to focus on. This distracts the eye from the barren branches and lets you take in the tree as a whole. Some examples of eye-catching bark varieties are birch, dogwood and other ornamental trees.
  • Evergreens – As we know, evergreens don’t lose their needles during the wintertime. They hold true to their beautiful green or blue green colors and help to draw the eye to different places in your landscape creating a focal point. Planting evergreens along a driveway or bordering an entrance gives a grand look to your home.
  • Existing Pieces – Just because summer is gone doesn’t mean we still can’t use our arbor, window boxes or hanging baskets. They just need a revamp with something that will last through the winter. Consider twigs, and sprigs of evergreen. Use some more holly on your window boxes and you may catch some winter birds enjoying the berries outside your window.

With these quick and easy tips, you can get your yard ready for the winter that is ahead. Utilizing what you have as well as planning ahead will give you a jump on making your winter landscaping exactly what you want it to be.