by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

Snow Blower Safety

Homeowners that choose to do their own snow removal are hoping they won’t have to use their snow blower any time soon. The cool yet beautiful December days that the New Jersey area is currently experiencing, leaves homeowners praying it will last. Unfortunately, it’s a brutal certainty that soon our beautiful fall colored New Jersey mountains will turn white. Here are some tips for using your snow blower and keeping safe and smart while doing it.

  1. Beware of Ice. When the temperature changes quickly, ice tends to form. Although you may see a powdery layer of snow on the surface, you always need to be careful about what potentially lies beneath. It is important when clearing your driveway that you have good traction with a good pair of boots or by using an attachable cleat like device.
  2. Body Temperature. Our mothers have been telling us for years to dress in layers. Turns out this is the perfect application to that mantra! Since shoveling snow or using the snow blower increases body temperature and causes us to sweat, there needs to be a way to cool your body down. If you dress in layers, this becomes easy.
  3. Avoid the Chute. Your snow blower was designed to pick up snow and spit it out, generally in another spot that is not your driveway. Keep in mind, although the snow blower is picking up snow, it is also picking up any debris that may be lying around on your property. Keep clear of the chute of the snow blower to ensure you aren’t hit by stones, sticks and other debris.
  4. Mechanical Dysfunction. As your snow blower runs through normal wear and tear season after season, there is bound to be some troubles along the way. Always practice safety first and turn off the snow blower (disengage the clutch) if there is a problem. DON’T STICK YOUR HANDS DOWN THE CHUTE if it is blocked. Use a stick to unclog any blades and call a professional if you have a real problem.

If you are safe and keep these tips in mind, you are ready for the season ahead by using your snow blower in a proper manner. Remember, there are other options for snow removal as well! DeCarlo Landscaping offers residential snow removal for the upcoming season and is booking its clients right now. Sick of doing the snow removal yourself? Give us a call today!

by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

New Jersey Snow Removal Regulations

Each state has its own laws and regulations when it comes to commercial snow removal. In New Jersey, as one of the states continually hit by heavy snow storms, it is no different. If you are a business owner in New Jersey, it’s time to get to know these regulations before you are fined for something you weren’t even aware of.

According to the latest regulations for commercial snow removal in New Jersey, snow must be removed properly and in a timely fashion from your property during a snow fall. All accessible parking lot spaces, ramps, sidewalks and other essential areas for persons with disabilities to access the building must be clear within 48 hours of the end of a storm. If businesses do not comply with these rules, fines starting at $200 can be imposed on the business owner.

Many business owners take on snow removal themselves, and refuse to hire a commercial snow removal company. When it comes to state law and regulation, this could leave you in some trouble if compliance isn’t met in the timely fashion that is required by law. As a business owner, this means you need to put snow removal first, especially during a storm in order to avoid any problems.

The best solution to keeping you within the law and to avoid fines is to hire a professional commercial snow removal company. With years of experience in the business of snow removal, experts such as the ones here at DeCarlo Landscaping take the responsibility of timely clearing of your property and save you the fine in the end!

Moreover, hiring a professional lets you focus on the day to day of your business and not the weather. Our Snow Removal Division of DeCarlo Landscaping ensures that all of our properties adhere to the laws and regulations required by the state of New Jersey and we take snow plowing seriously. If you have a commercial property and are interested in snow removal for the upcoming season, contact us today!