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Parking Lot Maintenance for Your Commercial Property

Are your tenants happy both inside and outside of your building? Commercial property management is a responsibility of great undertaking including worrying about aspects in both places. It is your task to ensure when people pull into your parking lot they can clearly see where to park, are not navigating around potholes and can safely manage sidewalks. This is why parking lot maintenance for your commercial property is so important.

Your parking lot is the first thing that clients, tenants, and visitors see. When your parking lot is full of cracks, potholes, damage, and striping is faded or missing completely it can be difficult to navigate! This can keep people from coming to your property and patronizing your tenants businesses.

Planning for maintenance before the spring months can help to prepare for the next season and extend the life of your parking lot. If there is damage that can be repaired now, taking action on those items is key to preventing a further, worse and more costly repair in the future.

As a full service commercial property contractor, DeCarlo Landscaping Contractors offers parking lot maintenance services that meet your operating budget and can help you to adjust your strategies to meet your properties needs.

Get a quote for your commercial property today by filling out our quick estimate form. DeCarlo Landscape Contractors operate in northern New Jersey and offer a variety of commercial property services.

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Evaluate Your Parking Lot

Is it time for you to invest in parking lot maintenance? With our easy to use checklist, you will find out quickly if your parking lot needs repair and updating! The winter months with their cold temperatures and freeze thaw cycles wreak havoc on parking lots and sidewalks. You may already see some cracks, potholes, or crumbling in the pavement. The paint on the curb, or parking lot striping may be faded or hard to see. Performing a yearly assessment using our checklist will help you to protect your investment by keeping up with maintenance. 

Don’t assume you know exactly what the parking lot looks like, walk outside and evaluate thoroughly. Work through these ten areas to check and see where you end up!

Parking Lot Evaluation Checklist

  • Check the parking lot surface for potholes, crumbling or damaged areas
  • Walk around the perimeter of any curbs on the property and check for any deteriorated or damaged areas
  • Check all drains on the surface or along curbing for damage or deterioration
  • Check the parking lot for particularly large cracks or areas where vegetation is peaking out
  • Take note of the color of the surface, is it faded?
  • Look for faded or missing striping on the surface and on any curbs 
  • Assess light post bases, parking bumpers or curbs for faded painting or crumbling areas
  • Check all signage for damage, fading or improper placement

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to schedule preventative or cosmetic maintenance and repairs for your parking lot. 

As a full service Commercial Landscaping Contractor, one of our services is parking lot maintenance. We have been serving businesses, schools, hospitals, churches, industrial complexes, restaurants, etc. in Northern New Jersey and surrounding areas for over 30 years. Our reputation for our fair and customized pricing, excellent customer service and reliability stands out. Whether you’ve noticed minor or major issues after completing the checklist, give us a call to see what we can do for you! 

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Parking Lot Maintenance: What’s included?

Property owners and managers understand that the parking lot requires a lot of maintenance. Everyday dirt, debris, and litter accumulate. Occasionally dealing with problems such as graffiti, illegal dumping, cracks, and damage are required, but in general week by week, the parking lot must be maintained.

Our parking lot maintenance service covers all of the above and more! When we are maintaining a parking lot we don’t just run a sweeper through the parking lot and go on our way. Our porters and laborers physically get out of their truck and use a tool to hand pick debris. Take a look at our parking lot power sleeping process:

  1. Initial Debris Removal – By hand, our laborers physically get out of the vehicle and use a picking tool. They move through the base lighting areas, curbed areas and flower bed areas where debris can be lodged and clear out all unwanted debris.
  2. Power Sweeping – The entire property is then cleaned using a power sweeper. Our laborers drive the sweeping machine through every inch of the parking lot to collect dirt, litter, and debris.
  3. Report – If graffiti, an area that needs repair, an abandoned vehicle or evidence of illegal dumping is noticed, our technicians write up a report to notify the management of issues that require attention.
  4. Final Removal – We leave the area completely cleaned, hand picking anything that was left behind, bagging our debris and deposit it into the dumpster.

There is nothing left behind after DeCarlo Landscaping Design comes to maintain your parking lot. From the hand picking to the sweeper machine our goal is to completely remove any unwanted debris, dirt and litter from the area and to leave commercial property owners or management with a clean and tidy parking lot.

Fill out our quick and easy form to get an estimate on maintenance of your parking lot. You can even upload a picture of the area to give our experts a better look!


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Parking Lot Repair

It’s safe to say that it doesn’t look like any more snow will be hitting the New Jersey area this year. Snow, salt and plows can leave a lasting mark on your parking lot with potholes, cracks and crumbling. Your parking lot is now an eyesore and can become dangerous to automobiles and pedestrians alike. This is the perfect time of year to get your parking lot repaired!

Due to the freeze/thaw cycle of water and ice, small cracks that may have not even have been noticeable last year are gaping and large now. The cracks that winter leaves behind can become a danger to pedestrians and the potholes can cause damage to vehicles driving through. Getting those cracks and potholes repaired is a must to ensure that your tenants, clients and customers can all traverse your parking lot safely.

DeCarlo Landscaping Design offers patching, repaving, sealing and crack repair for commercial properties throughout New Jersey. We use our knowledge and experience to determine what repairs you need and to ensure your parking lot is in good shape for automobiles and pedestrians. If you are in need of parking lot repair, DeCarlo Landscaping Design is here to help! We have over 30 years of experience and are proud to service New Jersey commercial property owners.