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Winter 2017 Tips

Winter 2017 hasn’t brought much snow our way in Central New Jersey, you can probably still see much of your grass, your trees and your shrubs unless you have a light coat of snow. Many of our clients are calling us asking if its too early to plan for spring. The short answer is NO, its never to early! Read on for things that you can be working on now to prepare for Spring! Read more

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Patio Design & Installation   

Over the past few years, many patterns, colors, and textures of brick pavers have been developed. This has left patio designers and installers many options for making patios, walkways and driveways come alive and the ability to completely transform your patio area.

Patterns – Using specific patterns allow us to define specific areas on your patio for a kitchen area, fire pit or sitting areas. Enhancing a specific area or designing a focal point is possible too, and this can enhance the interest of your guests and visitors.

Colors- The use of different colors can help to visually expand a specific area, give the perception of depth, and provide a general feeling of warmth or coolness. Our designers work with our clients individually to determine the best color scheme for their patio.

Texture – Our experts help to determine what areas would benefit from a smooth texture and which areas on your patio are perfect for a rough-textured paver.

Dimension – When we design patios, we take your whole yard and landscaping into consideration. Sometimes, when we see a particularly flat back yard, we design a raised paver patio which helps to bring a dimension that is missing.

Retaining Walls – Depending on the needs and the layout of your patio area, retaining walls can be useful in creating a bench area or divider on the patio.

Patio Design and Installation are one of our specialties here at DeCarlo Landscaping Design. Visit our page on Hardscapes and Patios to learn more about our design and installation process, as well as to see some of our before and after pictures. With over 30 years of experience in the business, you can bet that we are the company to transform your patio for 2016.