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Residential Snow Removal Done Right

Planning ahead is one of the most important aspects of the snow removal business. Not every driveway is the same from the makeup of the driveway, the shape, length and many other possible combinations of differences make it so that each client needs its own planning and preparation to do the job right.

Here are a few things to discuss with your snow removal company so that you make sure they are planning ahead for your property.

  1. Gravel, Dirt, Paver, Asphalt, Dirt. All of these materials could possibly be under the snow; your snow removal team needs to know what they are working with. Alert your snow removal company to what type of driveway you have so that they can plan ahead for each type’s individual needs.
  2. Size of Driveway. Discuss your driveway length and shape; let them know if it is wider, longer or steeper than usual. This will help both the driver and the team understand what they are getting into when dealing with clearing your property.
  3. Lawn, Statues, Bird Baths, Mailbox. Let your snow removal company know where any permanent fixtures are on your property. When snow piles high, the driver may not be able to discern if he is backing into a pile of snow, or a bird bath.

With a little planning, your relationship with your snow removal company will be a cool breeze on a warm day. When the snow removal team knows exactly what to expect and are well prepared, they can do a better, more efficient job in clearing your snow.

We are still taking new and renewing existing residential snow clients who are interested in multi-service snow removal and landscaping services. Clearing your snow is just the beginning of what we can do at DeCarlo Landscapes. Let us show you year round what our top of the line service looks like starting with our residential snow removal service.

by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

Residential Snow Removal

What type of winter will it be? Will the New Jersey area get hit with a ton of snow or will it be a mild winter? This question is one that we hear many of our residential clients asking as the fall comes to an end and we turn towards the cold winter months. No matter what type of winter is ahead you need to have your snow removal plan in place before December. Read more

by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

Protect your driveway this winter

Well, our fall like winter is coming to an end. Cold temperatures and storm systems are moving in, and before we know it we will be dealing with the ever familiar snow and freezing temperatures that New Jersey is used to in the winter. With only a few small changes in the way you treat your driveway this winter, you can protect it and prevent cracks or potholes once the snow melts.

Here are two tips on taking care of your driveway in the winter:

  • Shovel Often – Avoiding standing water and snow on your driveway can help to prevent or prevent worsening of cracks. The freeze – thaw cycle that ice and snow goes through can expand cracks and create larger problems. Keeping the driveway free and clear of ice and snow can help to prevent this.
  • Salt Smart- Many believe that dousing their driveway with some salt will help them to have to do less work, keep them safe from slipping and falling and keep ice under control. Unfortunately, using the wrong product for your driveway can end up hitting your wallet hard in the spring! Ask an expert what the safest de-icing method is to use on your driveway.

Winter weather has a reputation for ruining asphalt, concrete and other material. Relying on expert advice for how to treat your driveway in the winter is the only way to ensure that you are maintaining your investment correctly. DeCarlo Landscaping provides full winter service including snow removal, ice removal and salting services. Our experts know exactly what product to use on your driveway in order to protect it from damage over the winter.

We offer both commercial and residential winter services throughout many local New Jersey towns. Contact us today for an estimate on snow removal for your property.