by mike mike

Get Ready For Cold!

As usual, New Jersey is expected to experience snow and icy cold temperatures this winter according to While we may be used to snow and cold temperatures from inside,  handling the removal of it in our driveways and pavements can be daunting. Here are 3 reasons why you should hire a residential snow removal service this winter.

  • Save Money! Equipment such as snowblowers, shovels, ice chippers, and even salt can be expensive! On top of the initial expense, snowblowers require maintenance regularly, gas to run, and unfortunately can break at the worst times, leaving you in feet of snow. Repair shops are at their busiest during the winter months, with days to weeks of turnaround time on repairs and parts and high costs for these high demand parts.
  • Save Your Body! Each year the amount of injury, heart attacks and even deaths experienced by homeowners when they clear their own snow and ice increases. This information isn’t to scare you, its fact and your health and the hospital bill are not worth the battle.
  • Save Time and Energy! The last thing you want to be doing at 5 am or 6 pm is shoveling your driveway. After a long day of work, coming home to a driveway full of snow, a walkway full of ice, and a pile from the snowplow at the entry of your driveway is not welcome home. Waking up extra early to clear overnight accumulation is just as daunting when you know you’ll be coming home just to do it all again.

DeCarlo Landscaping provides complete snow removal services including snow plowing, snow hauling, de-icing, ice control, shoveling and sidewalk clearing for northern counties in New Jersey. Don’t pay for the expensive equipment and snow removal supplies and don’t risk injury to your body. With our fleet of plows, snowblowers, and team of snow removal experts, we will have your driveway and sidewalks clear of snow and ice in no time.

Call today for a custom quote! We will tailor a snow removal package just for your home.