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The average amount of snowfall in New Jersey varies depending on if you live in the northern or southern part of the state. Northern New Jersey gets between 40 and 50 inches of snow every year, while Southern NJ sees only 10 to 15 inches.

If you own a commercial business, that means you need to remove the snow quickly (and often) so customers and employees can access your property. But should you do it yourself or hire a service?

Learn the pros and cons of hiring a professional sidewalk shoveling company below.  

Pros of Hiring a Sidewalk Shoveling Service

Saving time by hiring a snow removal company instead of doing it yourself is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are four other massive pros of hiring someone to take care of commercial snow removal.

Prevent Injury and Strain

Shoveling snow requires physical strength and stamina. Think about how long it takes you to shovel out your car or your driveway. Now, apply that to an entire commercial parking lot with walkways.

It’s easy to injure or strain your body while shoveling snow, especially if you do not do it often. You can stretch a tendon, tear a ligament, or even throw out your back.

Slipping on the slushy snow or slick ice also poses a risk. You could suffer minor bruises, a big scrape, or even break a bone.  

The Right Equipment

A professional snow removal service has the correct equipment to remove snow from a large area with multiple elevations. They have specialized tools to prevent damage and know how it all works.

Renting or buying the equipment yourself would likely cost almost as much. Then, you have to learn how to use it.

Avoid Fines

Every state that experiences snow has unique snow removal laws for commercial properties. The state of New Jersey requires snow removal within 24 hours of the snow coverage.

So, you need to get the snow off your property ASAP. This poses a challenge without the right knowledge and tools. 

No More Stress

The biggest pro of hiring a service for shoveling snow off your commercial property is that you no longer need to worry about it. The snow removal company will keep track of when it snows and takes care of everything.  

Cons of Hiring a Snow Removal Company

When you hire a snow removal company, you’re paying someone to do a job you can technically do yourself.

But do you have the time, energy, or equipment? No, not likely. You want your commercial property accessible so customers and employees can safely come and go.  

Shoveling snow can cause property damage. The people you hire can get hurt while performing the job.

All these risks go away when you hire a professional company with their own insurance. They also have more experience removing snow, so they’re even less likely than you to damage anything. 

Find Reliable Snow Removal Services in New Jersey

It’s clear to see that the pros of hiring a sidewalk shoveling service far outweigh the cons. You do not need to risk getting hurt or receiving a fine for not getting snow off public sidewalks fast enough.

Do you want to hire a reliable commercial sidewalk shoveling company in New Jersey?

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