by Greg Greg
snow and ice management

Sidewalks and parking lots aren’t the only areas to consider when thinking through your snow removal plan. What about the roof? If your commercial building or home has a flat roof, letting snow pile up can become an expensive problem. 

The weight of snow on your roof can cause stress on the building’s foundation, lead to water leaks, and create significant structural damage. A water-damaged roof that buckles under heavy snow weight can also cause injuries to employees, guests, or clients. 

What are the pros and cons of a snow and ice management plan for your roof? Keep reading to learn more!

The Pros

When it comes to safety and prolonging the life of your roof, the pros of having a snow removal plan far outweigh the cons. However, we’re not recommending that you climb on the roof and take care of it yourself!

Sloping roofs can become slippery and dangerous during the winter months. While snow won’t accumulate as much on a sloped roof than a flat room, ice and snow management is still critical to protect your roof and keep people safe in and around the building. 

With a flat roof, overlooking a snow removal plan can be detrimental to the building. As more snow accumulates, the weight increases. When it begins to melt, snow needs a way to drain from the roof without refreezing into dangerous icicles that can cause injury. 

Having a snow and ice management plan helps:

  • Reduce the weight of snow and ice on a building’s structure
  • Prevent roof cave-ins or water leaks
  • Avoid costly repairs from heavy snow and water damage
  • Protects your staff, employees, and anyone coming and going around your building

A good plan also protects you from liabilities. If someone becomes injured from a falling icicle or a roof collapse, you could be responsible for injuries and compensation. 

The Cons

It’s not free.

You don’t need to overspend on quality professional snow removal services. However, an expert plan that protects your business and the people around is worth adding to your budget. 

Snow removal also isn’t an ideal DIY task. If you feel like you’ll save money to handle your own roof snow removal, make sure you also budget for:

  • The right tools, including shovels, brooms, roof rakes, and ladders
  • Snow and ice melt
  • Safety gear, including shoe crampons, gloves, and winter clothing
  • Personal hospital expenses if things go wrong

Safe snow removal from your roof should also follow local laws and safety requirements for building regulations. The wrong approach could get the job done, but it could result in safety violations and fines. 

Choose a Professional for Roof Snow and Ice Management 

The best solution for roof snow and ice management is to leave it to the professionals! We follow all safety protocols and building regulations while staying ahead of the ice and snow accumulation on your roof. 

We also make professional snow removal an affordable option for your home or business. Contact us to get a free estimate!