by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

Every homeowner wants their garden to look appealing, whether battling their neighbors for best on the street or looking to impress themselves when their hard work pays off. However, spending large amounts of money to get to that end point is not what homeowners typically want to do. Luckily there are many easy ideas for walkway installation which can give a bold appearance for a low cost pulling the whole yard together.

  1. Gravel or mulch are great materials to make a natural looking path anywhere in the yard. 
  2. Stone can be used to create another natural looking walkway. Get creative, placing the stones close together for a manicured look on top of some landscaping fabric, or spreading them loosely allowing vegetation to grow between. 
  3. Stepping Stones are another favorite and can be placed in many different ways to create a truly unique pathway through a garden

There are many other ideas for creating affordable walkways through your garden, connecting an outdoor kitchen to a seating area, or to the pool. Simple garden edging can be used in some areas, planks of wood, or bricks can be eye catching too. Use your imagination or investigate your garage or shed for any leftover materials from previous projects if you really want to save!

More professional looking sidewalks and walkways can be created using patio pavers. When installed by a professional landscaping company, pavers can last years and keep their beauty with minimal care. Using an installer with experience and previous work they can show you is important as there are many mistakes that can be made which will end up costing more money down the road.

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