by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

When you’ve got over 30 years of experience in the commercial and residential landscaping industry, you better believe we think we’re the best at what we do. We love to monitor and care for our installed gardens, and it makes us happy to see our installed gardens thriving year after year with the year-round maintenance we provide. We do understand, however, that some of our customers just need help installing, but are avid gardeners and love to maintain their own beds. We respect that here at DeCarlo Landscaping and with that in mind here are a few tips for maintaining your fall garden on your own. 

Tips for your fall garden

  • Find out when to transition your garden from summer to fall by using this helpful map put out by the USDA. Get familiar with the type of area you live in using this map. From here,  you can learn just when to make changes in your garden.
  • Its Perennial time, so if you love the late planting season of fall then get to work on planting those mums, kale, cabbage, cornstalks and other ornamentals such as gourds. These help to increase texture in the garden and to bring those rich dark colors of autumn into your garden.
  • In order for your soil to stay healthy insulated for the winter, use fall as a reminder to add a layer of mulch or compost. This will give the soil a boost of nutrition and a layer of insulation and protection from harsh winters.
  • Plan Ahead. If you like to plant bulbs for spring, now it the time.  Again,  bookmark your areas map and find out when the ground will start to freeze. You’ll want to plant your bulbs before that occurs. Check out our blog on planting bulbs for more information.

DeCarlo Landscapes Design and Maintenance creatively design’s and installs customized landscaping throughout New Jersey. Our year-round maintenance services ensure that your landscaping is taken care of and continually maintained through all of the changes of seasons. The change from summer to fall is bittersweet, we hope that our tips for your fall garden, and that they will help you obtain the most from your garden this season.