by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

These days, businesses have to make hard decisions depending on their bottom line. Their budget is what drives them to determine what projects, ideas or new programs can be integrated into their already existing business model, and hopefully, increase company profits. That’s why it’s not uncommon for business owners to decide NOT to invest in their landscaping and to save the money. What If we told you there is an added value of commercial landscaping?

Sure, its hard to put a dollar sign on what that value is, but just open your mind to the ways in which commercial landscaping can affect your company’s brand. 

  • Marketing. Have you ever seen a colorful flower bed in the shape of a company’s logo driving down the road? This is a new trend that is really helping to get people thinking about your brand, called “eco-marketing”. This can be difficult depending on the landscaping, but coming up with a creative way to position an eye-catching touch will help to draw attention to your business. 
  • Perceived Value. Commercial landscaping helps to up your property value by increasing the visual physical appearance of the building. Think about this when designing and planning out your landscaping. 
  • Productivity. Want your employees to work hard and enjoy coming to work? Countless studies have shown that when employees are happy in their work environment they are more productive. Consider a reflective area on the grounds for breaks where your employees can go to relax.

Are you ready to bring your commercial property to the next level? With DeCarlo Landscaping Design, you’ll find that whatever investment you make will not be looked at as a loss, but as an added value to your company.