by Greg Greg
line striping

As a property manager or business owner, part of your duties is providing a safe parking lot for your residents or customers. According to the National Safety Council, the parking lot is where one in five accidents happens. On average, there are more than 50,000 crashes that occur every year, resulting in more than 60,000 injuries and 500 deaths.

Distracted driving is still the number one cause of parking lot accidents. But there are occasions where your parking lot is to blame. In addition to poor lighting, cracks or potholes, and snow and ice, inadequate line striping can lead to pedestrian injuries.

Parking lot striping is often overlooked when it comes to property maintenance. Having clear marked lines helps drivers avoid confusion which can be the reason behind the distraction while driving.

Let’s take a closer look at what parking lot striping can do for your property.

Why You Need Line Striping

You might be under the impression that line-striping paint isn’t a big deal. But more than safety, it’s an investment that gives more significant returns than you think:

Efficiency and Safety

Well-defined lines ensure that you can maximize your parking space. It may seem simple, but a few lines of paint can add a substantial amount of parking spaces to your lot. Everyone’s happy including you, and your customers or residents.

Parking lot striping can also streamline the traffic flow, increasing efficiency. When everything is clear-cut, people are no longer confused. They watch out for each other and avoid getting into accidents.

Curb Appeal

Faded paint will always look terrible wherever you see it. It doesn’t look good on the walls of your home, and it certainly won’t do wonders for your parking area.

A commercial line striping service can create the image of a well-maintained and beautiful lot. And as you are well aware, first impressions matter a lot in business.

Legal Requirements

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires restriping parking spaces for accessibility. Your parking area needs to have clearly designated handicap spots to comply with the ADA.

Striping also makes it easier for disabled guests to navigate the parking lot and find the most direct path to the building.

When to Have Line Striping Redone

While there’s no general set of rules for when to get line striping, there are warning signs that tell you it’s time. A simple visit to your parking lot during busy hours is all it takes.

How well do drivers park their cars? If their parking is sloppy, the probable reason is they can’t see the lines clearly. Another bad sign is if the drivers are even ignoring the handicap spots.

If they can’t see the lines when the weather is clear, imagine what would happen if rain completely messes up with the visibility. Sloppy parking could be the least of your problems. An accident may be just around the corner.

Keep the People Who Use Your Parking Lot Safe

Line striping is a relatively small investment, but it’s necessary to protect your customers and residents. For everyone’s safety, a few lines of paint goes a long way.

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