by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

Winter 2017 hasn’t brought much snow our way in Central New Jersey, you can probably still see much of your grass, your trees and your shrubs unless you have a light coat of snow. Many of our clients are calling us asking if its too early to plan for spring. The short answer is NO, its never to early! Read on for things that you can be working on now to prepare for Spring!

To Do:

  • Free any shrubs or trees of wet snow 
  • Remove any broken or snapped limbs 
  • Ventilate any plants covered in burlap if it is particularly wet
  • Clean and repair your spring pots and planters
  • Clean and oil your garden equipment (shears, loppers etc)  
  • Begin planning big spring projects like installing a new patio or walkway, or complete landscape redesign
  • Think about what colors you would like to incorporate in your spring garden

Preparing with these things ahead of time will be helpful when spring arrives. If you’re planning a new project or are interested in redesigning your landscape, start talking with one of our experts now! With plenty of time and planning we can get your project on our schedule for spring and off to a good start this winter. Take a look through our gallery of Landscape Designs and see what DeCarlo Landscaping could do for you!