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mulch installation

Do you need to landscape your business property? Good business landscaping is more important than you might think. If you value having an attractive and welcoming space for your employees and customers alike, then you won’t mind spending the time and money to make it perfect. It all starts with the foundation, aka your soil, so today we’re going to discuss the importance of professional mulch installation.

Mulch is one of the most important aspects of landscaping because it improves the fertility and health of your soil. With healthy soil, your grass and other plants will thrive, looking gorgeous in the process.

Here are the 3 most important reasons why pro mulch installation is crucial for commercial properties.

1. Keeping the Weeds Aways

The last thing you want coming up through the lawn at the front of your business is weeds. Not only do these invasive plants make it harder to landscape your space because they hoard nutrients, but they’re also unsightly and create more landscaping work every year.

Mulch allows you to combat weed growth without the use of harmful weed killers like Roundup. It covers the weeds up, making it difficult for them to retain sunlight. At the same time, mulch retains moisture, giving your plants a much better chance to grow strong roots that have no issue beating out weeds for nutrients and sunlight.

2. Enhancing Your Plants

Mulch is beneficial for your plants for so many reasons. Not only does it conserve water, as discussed above, but it also insulates the soil when covering it and improves overall soil health with organic materials that decompose and further condition the soil over time.

Soil is the most important part of having healthy plants, vibrant flowers, and a luscious lawn. With healthy soil, your plants can take firm root in the ground, which means perennials will come back strong every year and annuals will flourish with no problems.

When you have thriving plants, they’ll look amazing and thus improve your business’ curb appeal. Welcome visitors into your business with amazing landscaping.

3. Professionals Understand Mulch

Purchasing mulch and installing it yourself is an option, but if you’ve never landscaped before, it’s going to take a lot of research to figure out which mulch to get and how to install it. For commercial spaces, it’s better to have a professional landscaper come in and do it for you. Professional landscapers understand how mulch works and how to lay it down to achieve the best results.

At DeCarlo Landscaping, we offer 3 types of mulch for your outdoor space, each providing something a little bit different for your plants. We’ll choose the right one for your business and install it efficiently and affordably. 

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